BSBI handbooks

Eighteen BSBI Handbooks have been published so far and more are in the pipeline, including a Handbook for lady's-mantles (Alchemilla spp.) BSBI Handbooks are acknowledged as being indispensable for the identification of difficult plant groups. The publication of the most recent Handbook (for Eyebrights) was accompanied by a launch at the Natural History Museum, London, and a national Eyebright Day. Find out about the book here, read an interview with author Chris Metherell here and read about the launch and Eyebright Day here.

The following BSBI Handbooks have already been published.

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  1. Sedges. 2007. Jermy, Simpson, Foley & Porter.
  2. Umbellifers. 1980. T.G. Tutin. (Out of print).
  3. Docks and Knotweeds. 2014. J.R. Akeroyd.
  4. Willows and Poplars. 1984. R.D. Meikle.
  5. Charophytes. 1986. J.A. Moore.
  6. Crucifers. 1991. T.C.G. Rich.
  7. Roses. 1993. Graham & Primavesi.
  8. Pondweeds. 1995. C.D. Preston.
  9. Dandelions. 1997. Dudman & Richards.
  10. Sea Beans & Nickar Nuts. 2000. E.C. Nelson.
  11. Water Starworts of Europe. 2008. R.V. Lansdown.
  12. Fumitories. 2009. R.J. Murphy.
  13. Grasses. 2009. Cope & Gray.
  14. Whitebeams. 2010. T.C.G. Rich et al. (Out of print).
  15. British Northern Hawkweeds. 2011. Rich & Scott.
  16. Evening-primroses. 2016. R.J. Murphy.
  17. Violas. 2017. M. Porter & M. Foley.
  18. Eyebrights. 2018. C. Metherell & F. Rumsey.

Watch out for Handbook no. 19 on Gentians: due out in 2019.

Also in the pipeline: southern hawkweeds, lady's-mantles and willows. More here.