England Annual Meeting & AGM

BSBI England Annual Meeting

The Committee for England was formed in November 2019 and is mandated to hold an annual open meeting at which the Committee is formally elected. BSBI members normally resident in England may vote at the open meeting, and all members and guests are welcome to attend.

BSBI England Annual Meeting & AGM 2021

The second England Annual Meeting and AGM was held as an afternoon zoom meeting on Sunday 28th February. In addition to the AGM, there were three short talks about road verges and a keynote talk on Solanaceae from Sandy Knapp. You can watch the talks on the BSBI YouTube channel and the AGM minutes (for BSBI members only) are on the England page on the separate, password-protected BSBI Governance website. There will be a full report about the meeting in the next issue of English Botanical News.

BSBI England Annual Meeting 2020

The first England AGM took place in the Flett Lecture Theatre at the Natural History Museum, London on Saturday 1st February. There was a CfE meeting followed by an open meeting. One of the interactive debates in the afternoon was on “BSBI field projects for the 2020s” - Jonathan Shanklin, CfE Chair,  introduced this with an example from Cambridgeshire, where he is County Recorder. After tea there was a herbarium workshop in the room below the Flett Theatre and an opportunity to view the Museum Garden, which we heard about at the recent BSBI Exhibition Meeting.