Welsh Officer

Barbara Brown is now the   Welsh Officer


Mobile: 07930 608 423

Twitter: @BSBICymru


The Welsh Officer provides support to County Recorders and other active BSBI members in Wales. This can include support in relation to using computers and MapMate to manage data, or in planning field trips.

Welsh AGM 2018 & 2019

Every year the Committee for Wales organises a meeting around the Welsh AGM. In 2018, the Welsh AGM was held in Aberystwyth and was a huge success - details to follow on the BSBI News & Views blog. Head over to the Welsh AGM page to find out what you missed! This year's AGM will be held in Llanelli between the 21st and 23rd of May. Click on this link for more information;

Meetings 2019

As well as many local and one-day field meetings, there are now two Welsh meetings which are annual fixtures: 

The Glynhir Recording Week is held in Carmarthenshire (VC44). Read a report from it here. 

The Caerdeon Recording Weekend is held in Merionethshire (VC48). Read a report here

Rare Plant Registers

In March 2017 Wales celebrated the completion of a full set of Rare Plant Registers (RPRs).

Begun in Ceredigion (VC46) in 1978, the Glamorgan and Pembrokeshire RPRs are the latest additions to the series (many of which are available online). Meanwhile more updates are still being prepared and planned. 

Training days

The next training event in Wales will be the Callitriche workshop held at Llangors Lake on the 22nd of June. Follow this link for more information and the paypal link.

Welsh Bulletin

*NEW* The complete run of the BSBI Welsh Bulletin, current and back issues, is now available to download free of charge: go to the bottom of this page.

The Bulletin is produced twice a year and contains articles and news items of interest and importance to Wales.

Welsh members of the BSBI automatically receive a copy of the BSBI Welsh Bulletin. Back issues are available on request - please contact either Sally Whyman or Katherine Slade.

News, articles and accompanying photographs for the Welsh Bulletin are very welcome. The editors are Richard Pryce, Katherine Slade, Sally Whyman.

Records for publication in the Welsh Bulletin should be submitted using the form below (Excel format).

Record submission form.

PDF downloads of Welsh Bulletin

Back issues of Welsh Bulletin

Bulletins from 2010 to 1964 can now be found in the Welsh bulletin archive

We hope that moving back issues to a new archive will make this page quicker to load.