Easter Ross, v.c. 106

Brief report for 2018: Botanical Recording in Easter Ross v.c. 106

Report by County Recorder Brian Ballinger: Recording has continued and we have some recent records from all tetrads mainly within the vice-county, but species numbers are still low in some places. We also are still a bit short on species refinds in some hectads and this will receive attention in 2019. Once more I am very grateful for all the support I have received over what is often difficult terrain. Digitisation is nearly up to date and many records have been validated.

Together with Mary Dean I held a joint field meeting with the Botanical Society of Scotland at Strathpeffer, partly devoted to the urban area but also venturing elsewhere. There were also events with other groups including the Inverness Botany Group at Loch Glascarnoch. Further joint meetings are planned for 2019.

There have been some useful finds. Peter Wortham found a new site for Alopecurus magellanicus  (Alpine Foxtail) at Furan Riabachan, the fourth record for the vice-county . There was also a fourth site for Hammarbya paludosa (Bog Orchid) at Moine Mor .

Pilularia globulifera (Pillwort) was found in another location in the tidal Kyle of Sutherland, nearer the sea than before.

Terry Easter recorded Pimpinella saxifraga (Burnet Saxifrage) by Geanies, the first recent record in the vice-county. There were three new locations for Sibbaldia procumbens (Sibbaldia) found by Peter Wortham and Diana Gilbert. Salix mysinites was found for the first time since 2000 by Diana Gilbert at Beinn Enaiglair.