22. Broomrapes of Britain and Ireland

Author(s): C. Thorogood, F. Rumsey

Published: 2021
152 pages with illustrations and photographs
ISBN: 9780901158598

Broomrapes and their close relatives, the Toothworts, (family Orobanchaceae), are among our most curiously attractive and least understood plants. Renowned for being taxonomically challenging, these unusual parasitic genera include several of Britain and Ireland’s rarest plants. Although often considered difficult, identification can be straight forward with careful examination. Broomrapes of Britain & Ireland gives clear and detailed accounts of all taxa known to have occurred in Britain and Ireland so that they may be identified reliably.

The Handbook includes an introduction to the Broomrape family, their life-cycle and biology, habitats and ecology as well as past taxonomy. Identification guidance and keys are provided to the 16 species and 7 infraspecific taxa in the genera Orobanche, Phelipanche and Lathraea.  All are beautifully illustrated with line drawings and colour photographs demonstrating the variation each show, with up to date maps, many comparing the distributions of the parasites with those of their primary hosts.