Taxon lists

Names of plants

The complete list of taxon names from the BSBI’s database, includes many synonyms and alien taxa.

The  BSBI’s short list of accepted plant names (Excel format) – last revised 2007

The latest official list of conservation statuses for all UK plants

2005 GB Red List (with changes to 2010)

Nationally Rare & Scarce

The BSBI ‘Leicester’ taxonomy database is no-longer kept updated but still includes useful bibliographic and cytological information.

Names revised for the 3rd edition of Stace’s flora:

  1. Additions(xls)
  2. Hybrids(xls)

Stace 4

*NEW* Click on the link to download a pdf of Stace ed. 4 name changes compiled for BSBI by Martin Rand.

Find out more about Clive Stace and his Flora here.

Copies of Stace ed. 4 are available to purchase from Summerfield Books.

Vice-county census catalogue

The BSBI's Vice County Census Catalogue is the definitive list of plants found in each vice-county in the British Isles.