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BSBI has a long history of publishing and supporting botanical books, including our renowned Handbooks series, which aid identification, provide important information on species, threats and conservation, and support recording.

Our catalogue of publications are now available for purchase as PDF eBooks. All titles can be downloaded for use on desktop, on mobile or on tablet, to allow for easier use of multiple titles whether you're indoors or out in the field.

For details of how to purchase BSBI publications as physical books, visit our publications page. To benefit from our members-only discount on Plant Atlas 2020 (physical book or eBook), please visit the password-protected members' area of this website. Not yet a BSBI member? Join here.


A Flora is a book which describes the flora or group of plants found in a particular region. Written by local experts, they are invaluable tools for understanding local change in our wild plants.

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Bundled eBooks that can help you take a deep dive on specific species, or ensure your library is as complete as possible, at a reduced price compared to buying individual copies.

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BSBI Handbooks are acknowledged as being indispensable for the identification of difficult plant groups.

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Other Books

Additional publications from the BSBI covering specific topics, habitats, species and ID scenarios.

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Recently Added

Change in the British Flora 1987-2004

eBook Author(s): M.E. Braithwaite, R.W. Ellis, C.D. Preston Published: 2006 394 pages with photographs ISBN: 0901158348 The Local Change report details the results of the Botanical Society of the British […]

Flora of County Wexford

eBook Author(s): P. Green Published: 2022 600 pages with photographs ISBN: 9781399938778 The Flora of County Wexford, by Paul Green, former BSBI Ireland Officer and County Recorder for Co. Wexford, […]

A Flora of Suffolk

Author(s): M. Sanford and R. Fisk Published: 2010 550 pages with photographs and distribution maps ISBN: 9780956458407 A must for anyone who enjoys the Suffolk countryside and is interested in […]

Flora of Cardiganshire

Author(s): A. O. Chater Published: 2010 950 pages with photographs ISBN: 9780956575005 The Flora of Cardiganshire, the first for this area since that of J.H.Salter in 1935, covers the vascular […]

The BSBI Handbook Collection

A unique chance to have the largest amount of knowledge about the British and Irish flora at your fingertips, at a saving of over £100: BSBI Handbooks are acknowledged as […]

The Aquatics Collection

The complete set of current BSBI Handbooks covering aquatic plants, giving you the most in-depth information on the identification and distribution of these difficult plants which are often under-recorded and […]