Threatened Plants in Britain and Ireland

BSBI's Threatened Plants Project ran from 2008 to 2013 and was one of the most extensive sample-based surveys of threatened plants ever undertaken in the British Isles. More than 800 volunteers across Britain and Ireland visited almost 2000 sites to collect data on 50 wild flowers which BSBI's Science Team had reason to suspect might be in decline. The data collected during the project have now been analysed by the Science Team, and the results have been published as Threatened Plants in Britain and Ireland, a 154 page book from BSBI which also features colour images, maps and tables.

Threatened Plants in Britain and Ireland will soon be available from specialist booksellers such as Summerfield Books at a cost of £15 (plus postage & packing) but, until 31st October, BSBI members can order a copy at the special members-only price of £10 (plus £3 postage & packing).

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