Angus, v.c. 90

Angus (vice county 90) was originally named Forfarshire and one of its main towns is Forfar, about 15 miles north of Dundee. The vice county includes Dundee within its boundary, giving us some interesting urban sites. To the extreme north are the glens of the Grampian Mountains –Glen Esk, Glen Clova and Glen Isla terminating in the botanically rich Caernlochan. The glens are set amongst peaks rising to 1000 m providing ‘alpine’ plants in abundance.

The rivers from these glens meander through fertile agricultural areas with lochs and coniferous plantations, before emerging at the coast where we have some excellent botanic areas to explore – Barry Buddon providing sand dunes  while Arbroath has steep sandstone cliffs.

Notable plants in Angus include the following alpines, which are nationally rare. Salix lanata (Wooly Willow), Cicerbita alpina (Alpine Blue Sow-thistle) and Veronica fruticans (Rock Speedwell). These occur in Glen Clova and Caenlochan.

Of interest in the lowlands are Calmagrostis purpurea (Scandinavian Small-reed) and Cicuta virosa (Cowbane) both found at Reswalli Loch. At the coast around Barry Buddon may be found Dianthus deltoides (Maiden Pink) and Lathyrus japonicus (Sea Pea). 

County Recorders

Robin Payne and Theo Loizou

Robin is lead recorder and can give general advice on Environmental Matters.

Theo can advise on location and identification of local plants.

County report for 2023

Rare Plants Register

A register of rare plants was drawn up by Barbara Hogarth in 2007. 

The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Angus

This delightful book was written and published by Barbara Hogarth in 2012. Copies are available from the author.

The Flora of Angus (Forfar , V.C. 90)

This book by  Ruth Ingram and  Henry Noltie was published by Dundee Museum in 1981.