County Floras

A Flora (capital 'F') is a book which describes the flora (lower case 'f') or group of plants found in a particular region. On this page we list all the county Floras we know about (2024 update), starting with Cornwall and ending up in northern Ireland. There are more than 500 of them so we hope you will find the Search facility helpful. You can use it to help you track down any Flora - current or historic - from any county in Britain and Ireland. Some are available as eBooks via our website.

You can also download the information below as an Excel spreadsheet, prepared by David Pearman, who has also provided this introductory note about County Floras (2024 update). If you are new to BSBI and haven't encountered them before, this blogpost should prove a useful introduction to County Floras.


A document is available to view or download listing corrections to various botanical publications, including the Floras of Montgomeryshire and Cardiganshire.