The internet is awash with videos featuring flowers, but we'd like to draw your attention to some that may help you when trying to identify British & Irish wildflowers.

A new series of videos under the name 'Tim's botanical riches' features very short videos by expert botanist Tim Rich, the man behind the celebrated Plant Crib and author of several BSBI Handbooks. So far he's covered ragweed, Alpine meadow-grass, perennial centaury, several whitebeams, hawkweeds and a brilliant 8-minute video on how to separate different kinds of bitter-cress Cardamine spp. More videos from Tim in the pipeline so watch this space! *UPDATE* Tim has now posted videos on Highclere holly, bulbous meadow-grass, woodrushes and a very helpful video on how to separate three of those confusing yellow crucifers Brassica rapa, napus and oleraceus.

Kent botanist Lliam who goes under the name 'Botany Bill' has produced some excellent ID videos on various species of forget-me-not, horsetail, hawthorn, poppy, tasselweed, hornwort and pearlwort. You can find his videos here on YouTube and there are also links on the Kent page and in the header on the BSBI News blog.

Every spring, people ask how to distinguish the native English bluebell from the (rarely seen) Spanish bluebell and the (frequently seen) hybrid bluebell. Try this helpful video from Fred Rumsey of the Natural History Museum (but note that the bluebell survey he mentions is no longer running). Try also this video from the Irish Wildlife Trust. The "English bluebell" is also found across Ireland so both these videos are applicable to Britain and to Ireland.

Videos by Dr M (university lecturer and a member of BSBI's Training Team) can be found here including (for some light relief) his legendary 'Poaceae song'. Several of his students have also made plant videos: here's Pete Flood's video about Catabrosa aquatica and here's Alex Mills' video about the bryophyte-rich temperate rainforests of northwest Europe, which features a cameo from Fred Rumsey of the Natural History Museum - and a couple of filmy-ferns.

Also available on YouTube and via links on the News blog: Claudia Ferguson-Smyth's video about Potamogeton epihydrus and the first video from Josh Styles, an introduction to Brilliant British Botany.

For more help with identifying wild flowers, check out our Plant Identification page, the Plant Crib, our helpful hints if you're just getting started with plant ID and our series of BSBI Handbooks for particularly tricky plants.