BSBI YouTube channel

BSBI's YouTube channel hosts talks from our online conferences and training workshops and also points people to interesting videos produced by others. Please subscribe to the channel so that you'll be notified when we post new content.

Our first in-house production was a short video by Pete Stroh about the plants and other wildlife found in Tim's meadow, Aldwincle, a traditional Northamptonshire water-meadow. 

The BSBI YouTube channel also features several playlists, with links to selections of short videos grouped under headings such as plant ID, herbaria or the National Plant Monitoring Scheme; there is a playlist for longer online training courses - the first of these aims to help you get started with dandelion ID and we are hoping to add more training videos.

Featured channels

On our channel you will also find links to featured channels by notable BSBI botanists such as Tim Rich, Lliam Rooney and Joshua Styles. We are featuring their channels because they all contain helpful videos, with correctly identified species and useful ID tips, to help viewers learn more about British and Irish wild plants: 

Plant ID: short videos playlist

Here you will find a selection of 20+ short videos including:

Herbaria playlist

This playlist features short videos from herbaria at Kew, RBG Edinburgh and Cambridge University about collecting, pressing and using herbarium specimens.

Plant ID: training courses playlist

There is only one full-length video on this playlist so far: Joshua Styles's online dandelion ID course. The video is around one hour long but we suggest that you start watching around three minutes in! The accompanying slides are available here on our Dandelion ID page.

We are hoping to expand this selection of online training courses in the coming months.

National Plant Monitoring Scheme playlist

BSBI is a partner in the National Plant Monitoring Scheme and this playlist contains a video about the scheme and several more guiding you through various habitats covered by the scheme.

Other BSBI playlists

Tim's meadow: short video by Pete Stroh

Cat's ear: Josh Styles

Tim's botanical riches: Hieracium reticulatiforme ID

Botany Bill's guide to identifying poppies

Introduction to dandelion ID with Josh Styles

Other botanical videos

Videos by Dr M (university lecturer and a member of BSBI's Training Team) can be found here including (for some light relief) his legendary 'Poaceae song'.

Several of Dr M's students have also made plant videos: here's Pete Flood's video about Catabrosa aquatica and here's Alex Mills' video about the bryophyte-rich temperate rainforests of northwest Europe, which features a cameo from Fred Rumsey of the Natural History Museum - and a couple of filmy-ferns.

Watch this space!

We plan to produce more of our own videos, and create more playlists (and add more videos by friends and colleagues to those playlists). If you spot any videos which you think will interest fellow botanists, please let us know so we can add them.

More plant ID help...

For more help with identifying wild flowers, check out our Plant Identification pages, the Plant Crib, our helpful hints if you're just getting started with plant ID and our series of BSBI Handbooks for particularly tricky plants.