British & Irish Botanical Conference

BSBI's big botanical get-together takes place in November each year. In 2020 and 2021, the event, formerly known as the BSBI Annual Exhibition Meeting, was held via Zoom, but on 19th November 2022 we were back at the Natural History Museum, London, for a day of talks and exhibits about British and Irish wild plants.

You can view videos of the talks and see electronic versions of many of the exhibits on the British & Irish Botanical Conference 2022 webpage.

Who can attend? What’s on?

We welcome everyone who is interested in the wild flowers of Britain and Ireland. You don't need to be a BSBI member to attend: we particularly welcome potential members who can use the meeting to find out more about BSBI. You also don't need to be a botanical expert or a professional botanist - beginners are particularly welcome.

The meeting is free to attend and exhibitor space is also free!

As well as exhibits, there are talks and (usually) a behind-the-scenes tour of a herbarium or laboratory. Visit our British & Irish Botanical Conference 2022 webpage and our Exhibition Meeting archive to see examples of talks and exhibits from recent years.

You can contact us on if you have any questions - we look forward to hearing from you!

BSBI Annual General Meeting

The BSBI Annual General Meeting (AGM) used to be held just before lunch at the Annual Exhibition Meeting, but in 2022 it was held online as a separate event , allowing more members to participate.

If you are a BSBI member, the AGM is your chance to vote on items relating to the society’s governance. Please head over to our AGM webpage to download the agenda, which is always posted at least a fortnight ahead of the meeting, and to book your space. You will also be able to find out more about the nominations for Trustees. Any member can attend or can raise a matter for discussion by contacting our Company Secretary Steve Gater in advance of the AGM.