Montgomeryshire, v.c. 47

Introducing Montgomeryshire

Dr Kate Thorne and Gillian Thorne have recently reviewed Montgomeryshire's floral highlights for BSBI news . Read their article here .

Field Meetings

*NEW* Here is a short report of the Flora Group Outings in 2021.

Read our personal account of the floral highlights of Montgomeryshire in 2019

Recording progress in VC47

Click on the link to download the County Recorders'  report on VC47 progress in recording towards Atlas 2020 and interesting records from 2018.

County Recorders

Kate Thorne (01743 718270)

Gill Foulkes

County Recorder's report

Rare Plant Register

A Rare Plant Register for Montgomeryshire was first drawn up in 2009 and a limited number of copies were printed off.  This has been updated regularly as an Excel spreadsheet of records (most recently 2017), with some rearrangement of species (according to priority status) and with the addition of some new species, including some of the less common axiophytes in the county.

A printable pdf (200 pages) is downloadable here

An electronic (Excel) copy including more details for some species is available from Kate Thorne. The spreadsheet is planned to be updated annually.