BSBI/WFS Presidents’ Award

Presidents' Award 2018

We are delighted to announce that the 2018 Presidents' Award goes to Rosemary Parslow and Ian Bennallick for their New Flora of the Isles of Scilly. The award will be presented to the authors by Sir Ghillean Prance, President of the Wild Flower Society, at their AGM in Devon on 1st September. Find out more on the Botanical Cornwall website, on the WFS website and (following the presentation) on the BSBI News blog.

The 'Presidents' Award'

The origins of the 'Presidents’ Award' lie in the mid 1990s, when an anonymous donor generously sent £4,000 to fund an Award of £200 to be made annually. The purpose of the Award was to acknowledge the most useful contribution to the understanding of the flowering plants and ferns of Britain and Ireland through a book, major paper, discovery or outstanding exhibit during that calendar year.

It was agreed that the recipient(s) would be chosen, after consultation, by the Presidents of the BSBI and the Wild Flower Society and that the Award would only be made if both Presidents could agree on a recipient or recipients who merited such an accolade. News of the Award was first reported in print on page 6 of BSBI News no. 68 (Jan. 1995) and then in the Wild Flower Magazine no. 432 (Spring 1995).

The first award was announced at the BSBI AGM in 1995, held in Dublin. A certificate, signed by the two Presidents, was sent to Eric J. Clement and Sally Foster for their book 'Alien Plants of the British Isles'. Since then, the presentation has alternated between a major meeting (usually the AGM) of either the BSBI or the WFS and, where possible, the award is handed over to the recipient(s) in person. The Prize has usually been awarded for a book, rather than a paper, discovery or outstanding exhibit, although in 1998 it was for a paper by Geoffrey Kitchener and Douglas McKean on Epilobium hybrids and in 2000, the Award went to John Rodwell for the National Vegetation Classification.

In 2016 the Presidents' Award went to Clive Stace and Mick Crawley for their 'Alien Plants' and in 2017 it went to Tom Humphrey in recognition of his work setting up and running the BSBI Database. You can read about the 2017 presentation here on the BSBI News & Views blog and in forthcoming issues of BSBI News and the Wild Flower Magazine.

Images on this page show a selection of winning titles over the years. Click on an image to open a new page on the  Summerfield Books website with more information about the title.