Fern identification

Online fern ID course for beginners

BSBI members are now able to access the video of Joshua Styles' recent, and very popular, online fern ID course aimed at getting started with fern ID. This followed on from Joshua's online Dandelion ID course which attracted more than 300 participants!

Please use the PayPal facility below to pay the fee (£5 sterling or 6 euros) for the fern ID video training course, which lasts around one hour. Once we've received your payment, we will email you a personalised link so you can watch the video or download it (once only) to your computer.

Don't forget to use the text box fields below to a) enter your BSBI membership number and b) tell us which email address you'd like us to send your video link to. If you are a BSBI member but you can't remember your membership number, please email us.


Paying for a video of the online course: £5 sterling

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Paying for a video of the online course: 6 euros

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BSBI Plant Cribs

From the BSBI Plant Crib, you can view or download individual cribs to help you identify ferns in the following genera or groups:

Fern Galleries

The West Highland Flora website contains correctly identified images and ID notes for many of the native ferns found across Britain and Ireland. Take a look too at the plant ID: getting started page on this website where you will find links to many other websites with correctly identified images of British and Irish wild plants, including ferns.

British Pteridological Society

Our sister society, the British Pteridological Society, has some excellent online resources to help you learn more about ferns, and many are freely available to non-members. Try their Identification page with a Key to Common British Native Ferns; there's also a Glossary to help you understand fern-related terms.