Leicestershire & Rutland, v.c. 55

BSBI VC55: the Botany Group

Click on the link to download a presentation from March 2017 on Atlas 2020 recording progress in VC55.

The BSBI VC55 group was started in 2008 by a group of botanical enthusiasts who enjoy sharing field ID tips; as of 2017, our numbers have grown to almost 150.

The group encourages BSBI members and their local guests to botanise, learn and record together. We welcome both advanced and beginner botanists on our annual programme of field meetings.

From April to October we focus on flowering plants and in winter we switch to gymnosperms and bryophytes, the latter organised by the BBS County Recorder for bryophytes in VC55.

Here's the link to contact the VC55 Group for more info or to be added to our mailing list.

Local Group Meetings

Our annual meetings are advertised on the VC55 blog - click on the link on the right to open the VC55 blog - and are emailed to everyone on the mailing list. Meetings are suitable for botanists at any level of experience but we do require you to book in advance please.

Our meetings are usually held at weekends and last for a whole day.

You are welcome to attend any of our meetings (there is no charge) but please consult the BSBI Code of Conduct, the BSBI Code for Field Safety and BSBI Guidance for Participants at Field Meetings beforehand. They can all be found on the BSBI Meetings page and via the tabs on the VC55 blog.

Leicestershire publications

The Flora of Groby Parish, Martinshaw Wood and Sheet Hedges, by Edith Hesselgreaves, 1973. Digitised by Stephen Woodward. 


The County Recorders are Geoffrey Hall, Russell Parry and Steve Woodward.

You can also use this link to contact the VC55 Group.

County Recorders' report

Read the 2021 report.

Local Resources

County Recorders' report for 2020.

VC55 Blog: news and info for botanists in VC55, including brief details of our field meetings, which we post around one week in advance.

Resources for Recorders can be found via the tabs on our blog.

Click on the link to download a recording card optimised for VC55.

NatureSpot has photographic galleries of local species and identification tips, plus information about local sites.

The Flora of Leicestershire & Rutland: Checklist and Rare Plant Register by Michael Jeeves; available from Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust.