1. Sedges of the British Isles

Author(s):  A.C. Jermy, D.A. Simpson, M.J.Y. Foley, M.S. Porter
Illustrations: S. Bownas, G. Dalby, M. Tebbs, R. Walls, J. Webb, V. Jermy, C. Smith
Editor(s): P.H. Oswald

3rd edition published: 2007
558 pages with black and white illustrations
ISBN: 9780901158352

The 3rd edition of The Sedges of the British Isles considerably expanded its size. The scope of the book has been widened by the addition of 35 species not previously described, thereby covering all the British and Irish species. All confirmed hybrids are also included. Distribution maps for each species/hybrid are now adjacent to each entry.

Introductory chapters on structure, classification, ecology and hybridisation are followed by keys, entries, glossary, bibliography and indices to English and Latin names.