Recording software


MapMate has been widely used by BSBI recorders and still accounts for the large majority of recent records.  There is an efficient automated mechanism in place to transfer MapMate data from recorders to our central database (DDb).  The BSBI MapMate support website includes training videos on creating species richness maps and a page of custom queries which can be useful for Atlas 2020 planning. The development of both website and handbook has been kindly supported by Scottish Natural Heritage.

The following spreadsheets (.xlsx format) were created by Andy Amphlett to assist in importing data to Mapmate:

Distribution database (DDb)

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A video by Quentin Groom on <a id="Text8Link1" href="">producing a custom map</a>

Editing and validating records on the BSBI Database (DDb)

<a id="Text8Link3" title="Guidance from Andy Amphlett" href="/DDb_Guidance_May_2014.docx" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Distribution Database user manual</a>


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