15. British Northern Hawkweeds

Author(s):  T.C.G Rich, W. Scott
with the help of J. Bailey, P. Harvey, M. Jannink, D. McCosh, A. McVeigh
Editior(s): P. Ashton

Published: 2011
156 pages with illustrations and photogtaphs
ISBN: 9780901158451

There are 21 species in British Northern Hawkweeds (Hieracium section Alpestria), 16 of which occur in Shetland, four in Scotland and one in England. The aim of the handbook is to provide a detailed identification guide and to summarise what is currently known about these rare species, which are a UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority group.

The book contains a general introduction covering their history, habitats, conservation, identification characters and keys, with a bibliography and index. Each species account covers nomenclature, a full description, history, taxonomy and variation, distribution, biology and ecology, conservation status and notes on identification. Line drawings, silhouettes of herbarium material, detailed photographs and general habitat shots are given for each species.