3. Docks and Knotweeds of Britain and Ireland

Author(s):  J.R. Akeroyd
Illustrations: A. Farrer
Editor(s): P.H. Oswald, J.R. Edmondson

2nd edition published: 2014
258 pages with black and white illustrations
ISBN: 9780901158475

Based on “Docks and Knotweeds of the British Isles” by Lousley and Kent (1981), the second edition, entitled Docks and Knotweeds of Britain and Ireland, has been substantially revised and rewritten, with additional treatments of many unrecorded hybrids and adventives, new distribution maps and keys, and 67 specially drawn illustrations.

As with the first edition, the primary object of this illustrated handbook is to assist with the identification of knotgrasses, knotweeds, persicarias, docks, sorrels and their relatives in Britain and Ireland. Covering the whole of the British and Irish Polygonaceae, it incorporates much recent taxonomic research as well as updating the nomenclature in line with current practice.

The book includes descriptions of 83 species in 11 genera. All native and introduced but established species, as well as most casual species, are described and illustrated. There are considerable changes to the introduction, which include sections on ecology, pollination, seed dispersal, economic uses and the recognition of Rumex hybrids. The bibliography has been expanded and updated. Keys are provided to genera, subgenera, species and sub-species.

The handbook concludes with a glossary, references and indices to English and scientific names.