17. Violas of Britain and Ireland

Author(s):  M. Porter, M. Foley
Illustrations: S. Holme
Editor(s): C. Boon

Published: 2017
156 pages with illustrations, photographs and maps
ISBN: 9780901158505

Violas of Britain and Ireland comprises 15 species (10 violets; 5 pansies) and 11 hybrids (8 violets; 3 pansies). Each species description includes a detailed list of its characteristics; data, with map, on its distribution; habitat requirements; conservation; NVC communities; associated species; first record in Britain & Ireland. Notes on interesting facts are also given.

Introductory material includes a full key to all the taxa included. This is complimented by an illustrated key to the violet species and, for each similar pairs of both violets and pansies, a list of the key differences between them. Also included are a glossary of botanical terms used and a full bibliography.