20. Hawkweeds of South-East England

Author(s):  M.M. Shaw

Published: 2020
250 pages with illustrations and photographs
ISBN: 9780901158574

An identification guide to the 58 hawkweed (Hieracium) species which have been recorded in south-east England (Isle of Wight, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Kent). It is written in a clear and accessible style and will appeal to botanists at all levels wishing to study this challenging and interesting group of plants.

The introduction to Hawkweeds of South-East England includes sections on geographical coverage and data sources, history and taxonomy, evolution and reproduction, collection and preservation of specimens, habitats, cultivation, conservation, geology and soils. A detailed chapter on hawkweed identification characters is followed by a list of species and a key to the eight hawkweed sections found in south-east England; each of these sections is further described with separate keys as appropriate. Each of the 58 species accounts includes historical information, a comprehensive description, notes on status, habitats and flowering times, and diagnostic features to help separate it from related species. Distribution maps are given with details of some good sites to see each species. Finally there is a glossary, references and index.

A single page errata slip can be downloaded and printed from here – Hawkweeds of SE England errata slip