Oxfordshire, v.c. 23

Oxfordshire has two botanical groups, the Oxfordshire Flora Group (OFG) and the Wychwood Flora Group. The groups grew out of former rare plants groups, and the conservation of rare plants remains a core activity of both. Of the many species the groups work on are the nationally important Oxfordshire populations of Cotswold pennycress, creeping marshwort, downy woundwort, fen violet and meadow clary.

Both organisations keep up an active and varied field programme, including rare plant monitoring, training, visits to nature reserves and surveys of the wider countryside. The ANHSO Education Group also runs a series of plant ID courses annually – for more information about these courses go to their website.

For programmes of activities of individual groups see their websites, or the Google calendar maintained by the County Recorder here.

If you are interested in botany in Oxfordshire do please contact the County Recorder, David Morris – he would be delighted to hear from you! See the County Recorder’s blog for accounts of local goings-on.

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