Flintshire, v.c. 51

BSBI field meetings and events are planned for 2022, subject to Government guidance specific to England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland: this must be followed, including social distancing, other Covid-19 prevention measures and more general safe practices. BSBI Guidance is available here. For further information contact your County Recorder(s).

County Recorder(s)

The County Recorders are:

Emily Meilleur and Gail Quartly-Bishop.

Email Emily: EmilyTheaMeilleur@gwynedd.gov.uk

Email Gail: gailqb@hotmail.com.

Please enter records via Cofnod (North Wales Record Centre) website or email to Emily.

Field Meetings 2022

Click on the link to view or download our programme of Flintshire field meetings 2022 .


A new Rare Plant Register (2020) is now available. Email Gail Quartly-Bishop to request a copy.

Click to download the 2008 Rare Plant Register for Flintshire.

The Flora of Flintshire, by Goronwy Wynne, is available from Summerfield Books.

The county of Flintshire

Flintshire  is a small county in the north east corner of Wales. Bounded on the north by coast and the Dee Estuary and to the west by the Clwydian Hills. It has a diverse landscape with, the hills reaching 554 m and down to the lowlands in the east, where it borders the Cheshire Plains. A range of habitats can be found: dunes, saltmarsh, limestone grasslands, disused lead mines, woodlands, lakes, rivers, moorland and industrial sites.