The first issue of English Botanical News (May 2020) has now been published! You can view or download this first issue and all subsequent issues from the English Botanical News webpage.

England Red List

The Red Data List for England assesses, for the first time, the current state of England’s flora measured against standardised IUCN criteria. Almost one in five species is assessed as threatened.

England AGM

The first England AGM was held at the Natural History Museum in February.

County Recorders' Annual Reports

*NEW* Every year we ask County Recorders to summarise the most interesting and exciting news from their vice-counties in fewer than 250 words. Here are the Annual Reports for 2019 from England. See also:


Critically endangered archaeophytes in England, 2012: a report by Kevin Walker, BSBI Head of Science, and David Pearman

This version contains these minor corrections or view the raw data as an Excel spreadsheet.

Read about the launch on our News & Views blog.

The State of Nature report 2019 has been published. Find out more here or download the SoN summary for England.