Sussex, 13 & 14

Yew (Taxus baccata) woodland at Kingley Vale

Flora of Sussex

A new Flora of Sussex was published in February 2018: more info here and here. Almost half the print run of 1200 has already been snapped up. The SBRS AGM (see above) will be your final opportunity to purchase the Flora at the pre-publication price of £35.00: after the AGM the full price of £45.00 will apply. Anyone who has already purchased a pre-publication copy of the Flora but not yet received it, will find their copy waiting for them at the AGM.

Guidance for participants at field meetings is available here.

Vice County Recorders

West Sussex: vacant/ assistance sought - contact Pete Stroh if you can help.

East Sussex: Nevil Hutchinson.


Sussex Botanical Recording Society: field meetings


You can now download recent issues of the Sussex Botanical Recording Society Newsletter by clicking on the links below.