18. Eyebrights (Euphrasia) of the UK and Ireland

Author(s):  C. Metherell, F.J. Rumsey
Illustrations: F.J. Rumsey
Editor(s): J. Edmondson

Published: 2018
220 pages with illustrations, photographs and maps
ISBN: 9780901158536

Eyebrights (Euphrasia) of the UK and Ireland provides a field guide to these annual, hemi-parasitic, monoecious herbs. Introductory chapters provide: a general description; indicate characters important for identification; cover the historical background; provide notes on classification, ecology, and hybridisation. Three sets of keys are provided, on the basis that no single key will work all the time but that by using multiple keys the chance of success will be substantially increased. Comparative tables are provided to help elucidate groups of species that are highly related/easily confused.

Each detailed species description is accompanied by several high-resolution colour photographs, usually showing the whole plant in situ as well as key features. There are also detailed illustrations of the plant and plant parts. In each species entry, characteristics of hybrids formed with that species are provided in brief, in a tabular form, with cross references to the main hybrid entry if there is one, and sometimes a generalised key. The main hybrid entries follow the species accounts and are presented in the same format.