Corporate Support

Companies and organisations have a huge role to play in protecting our wild plants and championing their conservation.

The BSBI Corporate Support programme helps those who believe in our work to donate towards our projects and goals, delivering opportunities to share our resources, data and learning with the widest community.

What supporting BSBI means for your business

By supporting BSBI, you can:

  • Partner with a charity that has been a leader in its field for over 185 years.
  • Demonstrably support one of the world's largest contributor of biological records, as well as a network of thousands of volunteers.
  • Develop your CSR and ESG credentials simultaneously, whilst demonstrating your commitment to initiatives such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, B Corp Certification and the Social Value Model.
  • Empower your staff and network to benefit from a greater understanding of the natural world, whether they are experts or beginners.
  • Explore avenues for achieving a greater impact at the local, national and international level.
  • Be part of the continuing pioneering of evidence-based conservation, at a time when the future of the natural world is more on all our minds than ever before.

Levels of support

Becoming a supporter of BSBI allows your business to demonstrate its commitment to the wild plants of Britain and Ireland, wherever you may be based or operate.

Choose to either make a donation to BSBI, or to become a sponsor of our work. Donations freely given are not subject to VAT, and will be acknowledged on our website and in relevant publications. If additional benefits are desired, the price is then subject to VAT. 

Our levels of support mean that you can grow your investment in our work as your business grows, and reap benefits in return. In addition to those benefits listed below, BSBI is keen to share resources across its network of supporters, meaning your organisation and employees can benefits from 185 years of botanical expertise, and reach a network of thousands of BSBI subscribers, whilst supporting the environment in return.

Level Name Annual Support
1 Lady’s Slipper Orchid £3,000 / €3,500
2 Spreading Bellflower £1,500 / €1,750
3 Early Forget-me-not £500 / €580
4 Bluebell £250 / €290

Examples of benefits include:

  • Access to resources and training
  • Newsletter subscription
  • A sponsor logo for your website
  • Priority notification of new projects
  • Invitations to events
  • Alternative sponsorships (such as project sponsorship or awards sponsorship)

For more information on becoming a supporter and the benefits available, contact our Fundraising Manager, Sarah Woods, on +44 (0)7570 254619 or via

Our Corporate Supporters

We're grateful to all organisations that have joined with us to further the cause of wild flowers through on-going support for BSBI's work, including:

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Corporate Support Brochure

For more information about what your organisation seeks to gain from becoming a supporter, download our Corporate Support Brochure.

Can you give your support to our work?

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