Irish Autumn Meeting & AGM

Irish Autumn Meeting 2024

This year's Irish Autumn Meeting and AGM will be held in Northern Ireland, on 12th October 2024. The venue will be Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, at Oxford Island, near Craigavon.

As you will know, Lough Neagh has featured prominently in the news in recent times and the programme will include talks relating to the current situation in Lough Neagh, its ecology and flora.

2023 Irish Autumn Meeting & AGM

Last year's Irish Autumn Meeting and AGM took place at the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin on Saturday 21st October 2023.

The programme included some really excellent talks and workshops on a wide range of subjects (the IAM programme can be viewed here). If you missed the event, or would like to re-visit the talks, you can view the presentation slides using the links below.

Plant Biodiversity and Agriculture In Ireland - Dr James Moran

Why is Ireland so great for bryophytes? - Dr Joanne Denyer

Equisetum spp. (Horsetails) in Ireland - Robert Northridge

The Life and Work of Evelyn Booth - Dr Edwina Cole

Botanical Networks (recorded talk) - Michael Philip

Here is the AGM Agenda with reports. The minutes of the meeting are available via the Governance page of the website.

Autumn Meeting on Twitter

Couldn't make it to Glasnevin for the last Autumn Meeting?

You can review the event on Twitter, just click on #BSBIAutumnMeeting or follow BSBI_Ireland.

Autumn Meetings Archive

For details of previous meetings, check out the Irish Autumn Meeting & AGM archive.

2022 Irish Autumn Meeting

Fifty botanists enjoyed meeting up and watching the talks at this year's Irish Autumn Meeting on Saturday, 24th September at the National Botanic Gardens Glasnevin. After lunch there were two workshops - on Scaly Male-ferns by Alison Evans and a visit to look at aquatics in the ponds in the gardens with Nick Stewart. All the talks were recorded, and you can see them here:

Or view via the BSBI Irish Autumn Meeting 2022 playlist.