BSBI Handbook: Lady’s-mantles

Read our exclusive interview with author Mark Lynes about the writing of the new Handbook.

Alchemilla: Lady’s-mantles of Britain and Ireland: BSBI Handbook #24

The latest addition to our series of BSBI Handbooks for difficult plants is Alchemilla: Lady’s-mantles of Britain and Ireland by Mark Lynes. The new Handbook will cost £20/ €23.50, and is due for publication in April 2022. A pre-publication offer, exclusive to BSBI members, opened on 31st January and closed on 31st March - members paid only £12.50/ €14.75 (excl. P&P).

The UK and Irish Alchemilla flora stands at twenty species: fifteen natives and five introductions. Of the native species, four are recently-published names by the author of this new work, set to become the standard for the genus in these islands.

Sections on the Alchemilla plant, guidance on identification, synopsis, dichotomous key, and key-character tables, precede the full species-accounts. Each species has sections on etymology; distribution, habitat and status (for most species, contributed by BSBI Head of Science Dr Kevin Walker); general appearance and full description; distribution map; and the crucial discussions on confusion species. Diagrams illustrate distribution, density and posture of stem and leaf hairs. Numerous colour images show key comparative features of each species.

Now that the pre-publication offer has closed, this Handbook can be purchased from Summerfield Books.