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BSBI and Students

BSBI has a long history of working with those that are studying our flora and of welcoming students as members. Recognising the need to equip the next generation of plant enthusiasts and budding botanists, we offer a wide range of opportunities for you to get involved.

Membership of the BSBI can connect you with a community of like-minded enthusiasts and a host of experts, both national and in your local area. You can grow your plant ID knowledge, support your study and add to your CV by volunteering with us or taking part in our ID courses.

We provide access to a huge number of resources that you can use to support your research, such as our range of periodicals, webinar videosdistribution maps and data. As a member, you will also enjoy discounts on our publications and be favoured in the award process for our grants programme.

BSBI Training and Study Grants

BSBI funds a number of study, research and training grants each year, applications for which open on 1st January annually.

To find out more about our grants, and grants available for botanical study from other organisations, visit our dedicated Grants page. You'll also be able to read examples of how our grants have helped your fellow botanists over the years.

Ready to publish?

If you are looking to publish your first paper in a scientific journal, we can help guide you through the process, from submission to working with an editorial team, proof-reading and promotion. Contact us to find out about publishing in British & Irish Botany.

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Student Membership costs just £17/€20 for a huge range of benefits.

Your university, college or department may have funds you can apply for to support the cost of your membership.

PhD student Amy said "I just checked out your YouTube to learn about your membership and I'm blown away by how many videos you have. What a resource?! Super impressive.”

Botanical University Challenge

BSBI is proud to support Botanical University Challenge; in 2023, we offered prizes of BSBI student membership to all finalists and semi-finalists, as part of our goal to build a diverse community of botanists to sustain and develop the skill base. Find out more here.

Spreading the word

Want to share information about membership with your network, or advertise it in your faculty? Or maybe you'd like a flyer showing some of the BSBI resources available to early-career researchers?

Download our student membership offer poster.

Download our flyer showing How BSBI can support early-career plant scientists.

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