Other Books

Additional publications from the BSBI covering specific topics, habitats, species and ID scenarios.

Change in the British Flora 1987-2004

eBook Author(s): M.E. Braithwaite, R.W. Ellis, C.D. Preston Published: 2006 394 pages with photographs ISBN: 0901158348 The Local Change report details the results of the Botanical Society of the British […]

British Alpine Hawkweeds

Author(s): D.J. Tennant, T.C.G. Rich Illustrations: R.C. Booth Published: 2008 234 pages with drawings, photographs and 5 paintings ISBN: 9780901158383 This monograph covers every aspect presently known about alpine hawkweeds in […]

Threatened Plants in Britain and Ireland

Author(s): K.J. Walker, P.A. Stroh, R.W. Ellis Published: 2017 154 pages with illustrations, photographs, charts, and maps ISBN: 9780901158512 BSBI’s Threatened Plants Project ran from 2008 to 2013 and was one […]

Atlas of British and Irish Brambles

Author(s): A. Newton, R.D. Randall Published: 2004 130 pages with illustrations and maps ISBN: 9780901158314 A phytogeographical analysis of microspecies of Rubus sect. Rubus & sect. Corylifolii, including 330 distribution […]

A Vascular Plant Red List for England

Author(s): P.A. Stroh, S.J. Leach, T.A. August, K.J. Walker, D.A. Pearman, F.J. Rumsey, C.A. Harrower, M.F. Fay, J.P. Martin, T. Pankhurst, C.D. Preston, I. Taylor Published: 2014 184 pages with […]

Illustrations of Alien Plants of the British Isles

Author(s): E.J. Clement, D.P.J. Smith, I.R. Thirlwell Illustrations: M. Godfrey, J. Ironside, F.J. Rumsey, H.A. Salzen, D.P.J. Smith, E. Dickson, A.M. Ferguson, K.M. Hollick, B. Keel, D. Long, C. Rowlands, […]

Atlas of British and Irish Hawkweeds

Author(s): D.J. McCosh, T.C.G. Rich 2nd edition published: 2018 475 pages with distribution maps ISBN: 9780901158543 The first edition (2011) of The Atlas of British and Irish Hawkweeds was based on […]

Grassland Plants of the British and Irish Lowlands

Author(s): P.A. Stroh, K.J. Walker, S.L.N. Smith, R.G. Jefferson, C.E. Pinches, T.H. Blackstock Published: 2019 404 pages with colour photographs and colour distribution maps ISBN: 9780901158611 Grassland Plants of the […]