Grassland Plants of the British and Irish Lowlands

Author(s): P.A. Stroh, K.J. Walker, S.L.N. Smith, R.G. Jefferson, C.E. Pinches, T.H. Blackstock

Published: 2019
404 pages with colour photographs and colour distribution maps
ISBN: 9780901158611

Grassland Plants of the British and Irish Lowlands includes a forward by George Peterken. The introduction describes the history and types of lowland grassland and the reasons for change. The main focus of this book concerns those plants currently considered to be of greatest conservation concern. Assembling in one place everything you could ever need to know about over 100 of our most threatened species, from Orchids to Lady’s-mantles, Maiden Pink to Meadow Thistle, Pasqueflower to Pennyroyal.

Each meticulously researched species account provides valuable information about identification. Including similar-looking plants with which it may be confused, typical habitat, biogeography, a comprehensive ecology section, known and potential threats, and management requirements. Accounts are illustrated with a colour photo of the species, it’s typical habitat, and an up-to-date distribution map.

The information contained in these accounts is essential reading for both amateur and professional ecologists alike, and will be especially useful to land managers and others who are responsible for the care and conservation of our wild flora.