British Alpine Hawkweeds

Author(s): D.J. Tennant, T.C.G. Rich
Illustrations: R.C. Booth

Published: 2008
234 pages with drawings, photographs and 5 paintings
ISBN: 9780901158383

This monograph covers every aspect presently known about alpine hawkweeds in Britain, including their identification, locations and conservation in an attempt to promote renewed interest in them. The book covers their history and their earliest discoveries by the pioneer collectors dating from 1688 to the present day . In addition their distribution with maps, gazetteer, habitats, ecology, biology, origins, cultivation, conservation status and details of relevant herbarium collections are also provided. A comprehensive illustrated chapter explains their characters, and guides for their distinction from related plants. Detailed keys are given. Fully illustrated, detailed, diagnostic accounts are given for each of the 39 taxa with synonymy, in a format designed to assist both professional and amateur botanists in their identification.