Illustrations of Alien Plants of the British Isles

Author(s): E.J. Clement, D.P.J. Smith, I.R. Thirlwell
Illustrations: M. Godfrey, J. Ironside, F.J. Rumsey, H.A. Salzen, D.P.J. Smith, E. Dickson, A.M. Ferguson, K.M. Hollick, B. Keel, D. Long, C. Rowlands, J. Russell
Editor(s): R.G. Ellis

Published: 2005
466 pages with illustrations
ISBN: 9780901158321

With 444 full page line drawings of introduced, naturalised and casually occurring alien plants in Britain, this work fulfils a need, amongst amateur and professional botanists alike, for a field and desk companion to aid in the identification of these plants.