A Vascular Plant Red List for England

Author(s): P.A. Stroh, S.J. Leach, T.A. August, K.J. Walker, D.A. Pearman, F.J. Rumsey, C.A. Harrower, M.F. Fay, J.P. Martin, T. Pankhurst, C.D. Preston, I. Taylor

Published: 2014
184 pages with illustrations, photographs, tables, figures and tables
ISBN: 9780953971862

This Vascular Plant Red List for England presented for the first time a comprehensive and objective assessment of threat, using globally recognised IUCN categories and criteria, for over 1800 native and archaeophyte species found in the region.

The book, which has numerous photographs, maps and tables throughout, has information about the methods and processes used to determine if a species is threatened or not and a detailed interpretation of the main results, including sections on comparisons of threat with Wales and Great Britain, ecological characteristics of threatened species, extinct taxa, geographic range, plants for which England has a particular responsibility, as well as the 114-page Red List Table.