2020 County Report for Nottinghamshire

Mark Woods

Despite lockdown, surveys continued of under-recorded tetrads, but such activity was largely solo and the contributions from the Biological Records Centre were slightly less than previous years (but still a significant contribution). Now very close to complete county coverage at tetrad level.

The updated RPR (3rd edition) is about to be issued and is a major revision on previous years. Of particular note is the decision to include species listed on the 2014 England Red List, which has included some species that are still relatively common in Nottinghamshire.

Very few new species found in 2020, mostly neophytes and two native hybrids (Lolium × boucheanum and Dactylorhiza × venusta).

Substantial help has been provided by VC56 BSBI members to prepare a county checklist and a list of first and last records for the county. The latter is proving to be a much less straightforward than anticipated, but has proved to be very useful and has identified new sources of information and prompted a re-visit of herbarium databases and biological records centre records.

Progress with species re-introduction forum has stalled. Plans to collect cuttings of bilberry with students have had to be postponed, but desk-based work has continued and a list of species identified for further work is near to completion. The list will be submitted to Nottingham Trent University for dissertation research projects (post and under-grad).

Aesculus indica (Cambess.) Hook

Mark Woods, 2nd record, 5 June 2020, SK550733, Welbeck Woodland. Neophyte. Planted and regenerating.

Anemone coronaria L. cv De Caen

Graeme Coles, 1st record, 8th March 2020, SK58027880, A57 Roadside Verge. Neophyte. 3 plants along a 10m section

Bromus hordeaceus L. subsp. molliformis (J. Lloyd ex Billot) Maire & Weiller

Mark Woods, 2nd record, 1st August 2020, SK837636, Collingham Arable Field. Neophyte

Cardamine corymbosa Hook. f.,

Rob Johnson, 2nd record, 14 March 2020, SK70295429, Byron Gardens, Southwell. Neophyte. Several plants growing at base of wall with Cardamine hirsuta.

Cotoneaster astrophoros J. Fryer & E.C. Nelson

Mark Woods, 1st record, 13 June 2020, SK575610 Mansfield Golf Course. Neophyte. Self-seeded along track

Crepis tectorum L.

Mark Woods, 2nd & 3rd records, 25 September 2020, SK51884706 & SK51854699, Watnall Road, Hucknall. Neophyte. Large patch on a verge recently disturbed by construction work on opposite side of road

Dactylorhiza × venusta (T. & T.A. Stephenson) Soó

Mark Woods, 1st record, 20 June 2020, SK592627, Vicar Water Country Park. Native. Single plant in close proximity to both parents.

Erysimum linifolium (Pers.) J. Gay.,

Jerry Clough, 1st record, 7 May 2020, SK545399. University of Nottingham, Jubilee Campus, neophyte. Escape from cultivation.

Euphorbia corallioides L.

Mark Woods, 2nd record, 9th November 2020, SK542613, Rock Valley, Mansfield. Neophyte. Possibly a relic of cultivation, but seedlings also present

Lolium × boucheanum Kunth

Rob Johnson, 2nd record, 2020, SK674531, Southwell, neo-native hybrid. Intermediate between parents on edge of arable field.

Sedum kimnachii B.B. Vyalt

Rob Johnson, 1st record, 17 July 2020, SK738525, Rolleston Railway Station. Neophyte. Plant growing under scrub by path to Westbound platform