2023 County Report for Nottinghamshire

Mark Woods, David Wood

To date 33,754 records have been collected, most of which have been uploaded to the DDB.

The Biological Records Centre has been as busy as ever and shared all of their records. Fieldwork effort by the county recorders has been lower than previous years. M. Woods has been collating and writing captions for a county flora. D. Wood has split his time between vascular plant and bryophyte recording. There has been a lot of recording activity in the City of Nottingham led by K. Fry and an update of Viscum album records across the county by M. Penson.

BSBI held a well-attended field trip to Rufford Colliery

M. Woods continues to collaborate with Notts Wildlife Trust and Trent University on a Species Reintroduction Forum. Heathland species being the focus of the recovery efforts. The RPR list is updated annually and is used for range of county initiatives particularly strategic planning for conservation.

X Triticosecale rimpaui

North Clifton Field. SK836717. Wood, D.C., Woods, M. 28/08/2023. 2nd VC record. Self-sown plants in fallow field

Vulpia ciliata

Daneshill Grassland. SK673866. Wood, D.C., Woods, M., 03/06/2023.   1st VC record, 3 small patches in sparse, rabbit grazed grassland.

Urtica membranacea

Welbeck Garden Centre. SK54997418. Hughes, P. 09/05/2023. 1st VC record, within the garden centre.

Spinacia oleracea

Worksop. SK58317858. Coles, G.L. 11/06/2023. 1 plant. 1st VC record. Track to Scout hut.

Pleioblastus chino

Worksop SK58027818. Coles, G.L.D. 01/07/2011. 1st VC record. This is growing in the back garden of a house on Watermeadows but has escaped onto waste ground the other side of the fence.

Cotula coronopifolia

Highfields Park. SK538376. Fry, K. 31/07/2020. 2nd VC record

Geranium bohemicum

Elmswood Gardens, Sherwood SK5783643197 Fry, K. 23/05/2023 1st vc record. Base of a garden wall, escape from a planted population in a rockery above.

Lotus hirsutus

Jessop Close, Newark-on-Trent SK810543 Johnson, R.A. 05/06/2023, 2nd VC record, growing in the street

Juncus marginatus

Rufford Colliery SK599606 BSBI Field Meeting 15/07/2023 0 First recorded 2021, but not verified until 2023. BSBI News article submitted

Equisetum × rothmaleri

Hawton Gypsum Works. SK803502 and SK802494. Johnson, R.A., 07/08/2023, 1st VC record. Both parents present in extensive Equisetum colony along drain c400m. Resembles a paler E arvense with 8+ ridges but with obvious pale scarious edged dark teeth on stem sheath.

Carex morrowii

Fox Covert, Shireoaks. SK563820, Johnson, R.A. 15/09/2023, 1st VC record. Large patch near edge of pond. Presumably planted and spreading to form a sizable patch.

Bolboschoenus laticarpus

Cotham Flash, SK79664978, Johnson, R.A., 21/09/2023, 1st VC record TBC. Large stand in non-saline sitatuation away from the colliery sites. Specimen shows some charactreristics of Bolboschoenus laticarpus with having long peduncles. However could not distinguish from a B. maritmus with long peduncles, as the collected specimen seemed too immature to show any critical achene characters. Revisit needed