2020 County Report for Staffordshire

John E. Hawksford & Ian J. Hopkins

All records received have been entered into MapMate and, hence, the BSBI Distribution Database. There were 9,246 of them.

Covid restrictions seriously reduced the amount of recording that could be undertaken. The previously three most prolific recorders were particularly affected by travel and/or health problems. Four individuals provided substantial lists; ten, shorter ones; and 24, a few records.

The validation for Atlas2020 was completed for the priority categories: boundary matches,

singleton anomalies, rarities and altitude ranges.

The Annual Plant Report has been prepared and posted on the Staffordshire page of the BSBI website.

Plant identification and other queries received in e-mails and the post have all been answered fully and promptly.

Detailed comparisons and collaboration has been undertaken with the work of Staffordshire Wildlife Trust's Survey Teams.