2022 County Report for Staffordshire

John Hawksford

7105 new monad records for the current decade were made. They were entered into MapMate and, hence, the BSBI Distribution database. This is a substantial reduction as compared to previous years, which is explained by the premature death of one of the VC Recorders and the increasing frailty and severe transport problems experienced by the other one. However the number of individuals supplying field data was almost unchanged at 27.
Details of the most significant records are given in The Annual Plant Report, posted on the Staffordshire page of the BSBI website.
The account of VC39 Charophytes has been completely revised and can be seen on the website.
Plant identification and other queries received in e-mails and the post have all been answered promptly and in detail. 38 BSBI members reside in Staffordshire. 13 are in regular contact with the VC Recorder. Emails were sent to others reiterating the willingness to offer any help or advice with plant recording. Ten positive replies were received and monad lists and maps of relevant localities were supplied.
Comparisons and collaboration has been undertaken with the work of Staffordshire Wildlife Trust's Survey Teams.