2022 County Report for North-east Yorkshire

Dave Barlow

There have been a few notable finds in VC62 this year. A visit to a site in the south of the county proved that the plant Herniaria ciliolata  Fringed Rupturewort first recorded in 2015 was still surviving in the the original site. Also found there was Lotus tenuis  Narrow-leaved Bird’s-foot-trefoil a rare plant in the north. Other notable finds include Epipactis phyllanthes Green-flowered Helleborine a new county record found by a local birder who has got into plants during the lockdowns. In the south of the county there was another new site for Gentiana pneumonanthe Marsh gentian and the finding of Hypochaeris glabra  Smooth Cat’s-ear not seen since the 1960s. However, the star find was Trifolium vesiculosum Arrowleaf Clover, a clover on steroids! A new plant for the U.K.