2022 County Report for Fife & Kinross

Sandy Edwards

9,500 records for 2022. The majority from various people recorded on iRecord and validated on a regular basis.


Survey and recording for several Fife Wildlife Sites and coordinating with Fife Council Research Team.

Survey and recording of two Perthshire Wildlife Sites which are in vc85 and coordinating with the Planning Officer.


Apart from regular recording, a visit to Tentsmuir with the St. Andrews Botanic Garden staff to record the dune plants and demonstrate the dune succession system there. This is to help and advise with their Tangled Bank project, some of which has been the construction of a replica sand dune system in the garden.

A day in the field with one of the Identiplant students.

(Photo: Centauri littorale (Seaside centaury)

Hottonia palustris. (Water violet)

New record, only 4 records in Scotland. Found in burn fed pond in old wood at Balbirnie. Looks well established.

Helminthotheca echioides (Bristly oxtongue)

A large specimen at Kinghorn Loch. Found when at the Wildflower Workshop. First good new record, the previous one was a small flowerless specimen. A rarity in Scotland.

Salvia verbenaca (Wild Clary)

Only one or two records for this in Fife.

Limosella aquatica (Mudwort)

Refound as part of the SHARPProject. A few plants at Morton Lochs, Tentsmuir.

Artemisia verlotiorum (Chinese mugwort)

Found at Kinghorn, maybe a garden escape or from a seed mix, but well established in wild.