A Flora is a book which describes the flora or group of plants found in a particular region. Written by local experts, they are invaluable tools for understanding local change in our wild plants.

Flora of County Wexford

Author(s): P. Green Published: 2022 600 pages with photographs ISBN: 9781399938778 The Flora of County Wexford, by Paul Green, former BSBI Ireland Officer and County Recorder for Co. Wexford, is […]

A Flora of Suffolk

Author(s): M. Sanford and R. Fisk Published: 2010 550 pages with photographs and distribution maps ISBN: 9780956458407 A must for anyone who enjoys the Suffolk countryside and is interested in […]

Flora of Cardiganshire

Author(s): A. O. Chater Published: 2010 950 pages with photographs ISBN: 9780956575005 The Flora of Cardiganshire, the first for this area since that of J.H.Salter in 1935, covers the vascular […]