BSBI's much-loved membership newsletter BSBI News is published three times a year, in January, April and September, and print copies are mailed out to all our members. An electronic version is also available via our password-protected members-only area. The Editor is Andrew Branson, a long-term BSBI member who is also the former editor of the very popular and prestigious British Wildlife. Read about the latest issue of BSBI News here and then head over here to join BSBI and start receiving issues on a regular basis.

Contents include a feature article and several short articles; a regular 'Introducing my vice-county' feature; Beginners' Corner; notes on Identification; news about adventives and aliens; country round-ups; obituaries; book reviews; and short notes by BSBI staff and officers. There are full colour images throughout and usually lots of flyers tucked inside: booking forms for BSBI events, pre-publication offers on botany books, and much much more.

Submit an article

BSBI News is for short contributions of topical interest. It is there for BSBI members who have something interesting or informative that they would like to share with others, and is meant to be the place for the ‘ordinary’ member to express her or his opinions. Contributors may wish to download and read through the guidance below before sending material to BSBI News editor Andrew Branson:

Book reviews

BSBI News publishes reviews of botanical books - contact Editor Andrew Branson to discuss submitting a book for review.

Advertising in BSBI News

This  Adverts document (2018) gives details of rates for advertisers, and instructions and deadlines for including flyers and advertisements in BSBI News.