300 people booked to attend the 2023 British & Irish Botanical Conference, held on Saturday 2nd December at the Curtis Auditorium, Herschel Building, Newcastle University. The Conference was a joint event organised by BSBI in association with the Natural History Society of Northumbria (NHSN). The programme featured ten talks, four flash talks, 38 exhibits, Summerfield Books' pop-up shop, a workshop/demo by Prof John Richards (BSBI expert referee on Dandelions), a behind-the-scenes tour of the NHSN Archive, and much more. If you weren't able to join us in person, the links below will allow you to enjoy recordings of the talks and view some of the exhibits.

The Talks

Session 1: Developing a passion for urban botany

Session 2: Supporting botanical research to help address biodiversity loss and climate change

Session 3: Resources to sustain and develop the botanical community

British & Irish Botanical Conference 2023

The Exhibits

Our 38 exhibits included some, e.g Brian Laney's Big Wildflower Seed Giveaway, Alaa Afalsaqer's colourful flowers and table displays by the Wild Flower Society and the Field Studies Council, which cannot be shared with you in electronic form - you really had to be there on the day to enjoy these exhibits! But where it proved possible to upload an online version of an exhibit, we have done so. The listing below also provides links where possible to websites, social media accounts and contact details.

Guest exhibits

BSBI exhibits

Here is the complete list of all the exhibitors with contact details, links to websites and social media etc.

The Team

Thank you to all our speakers, exhibitors and the team behind the Conference!

A huge thank you to BSBI volunteers Billy, Kylie, Nicola and Ryan from BSBI Events & Comms Committee; Lindsay-Anne for recording the event for TikTok; staff members Julia, Louise and Sarah; and Dandelion referee John Richards.

Thanks also to our hosts, the Natural History Society of Northumbria: Aimee (on the NHSN stand), Alex (AV support), James Common (Senior Naturalist), Clare Freeman (Director),  Kris McKie (archivist), Gordon Port (Chair) and Julie Ross (Senior Nature Ranger).

Finally, thanks to our three session Chairs: Steve Gater, Chris Metherell and Julia Hanmer (BSBI Chief Executive).