Atlas 2020

The first atlas of the British and Irish flora, published in 1962, pioneered the use of ‘dot-maps’ aligned to the OS grid. Read about the influence that it had in this paper published  in New Journal of Botany.

A repeat atlas was published in 2002 based on fieldwork carried out from 1987-1999.

BSBI is now producing a third atlas, Atlas 2020, which will be published after fieldwork has been completed in 2019.

Atlas 2020 will provide:

  • Maps for both native and introduced taxa
  • Interactive maps able to display frequency and distribution at a variety of scales
  • Analyses of changes, summarising the state of the British and Irish flora in 2020. 

Getting involved

  • Volunteer to record a 10 x 10 km (hectad) square – it’s a great way to improve your identification skills
  • Record a square on your holiday
  • Adopt an ‘under-recorded’ area (e.g. remote islands, mountains, etc.)
  • Attend a BSBI field meeting

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the relevant country officer (listed below), who will direct you to the relevant county recorder

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There is currently no external funding for this project. If you would like to provide financial support for this nationally important work, please contact BSBI Head of Science Dr Kevin Walker to discuss.