2020 County Report for North Aberdeenshire

David Elston & David Welch

Field visits were limited compared to other years due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. Whilst relatively few in number, these visits led to some notable discoveries as follows.

New records

  1. Alopecurus aequalis (Orange Foxtail), abundant in a seasonal pool at Sands of Forvie NNR. Discovered by David and Elsa Plant, excellent pictures taken later by Alison Peaker.
  2. Elytrigia × laxa, in sand dunes at the mouth of the River Ugie.
  3. Cotoneaster divaricatus (Spreading Cotoneaster), in an old quarry at Pitcaple, where it was probably planted.
  4. Vicia sepium (Bush Vetch) var. ochroleuca, along 100m of a roadside bank at Leslie, an attractive, large-flowered variety, rarely recorded in Great Britain.

Revisiting old locations

  1. Acer mono (Painted Maple), two trees along the entrance avenue to Fyvie Castle, confirming a 2002 NTS record.
  2. Chenopodium bonus-henricus (Good-King-Henry), just one flowering stem seen near Old Meldrum at a site known since 1998.
  3. Geranium pyrenaicum (Hedgerow Crane’s-bill), in an old quarry at Pitcaple, found here once before in 2011.
  4. Salix herbacea (Dwarf Willow), in rock crevices on Craigshannoch during a visit to show the colony on nearby Oxen Craig to staff from Forest and Land Scotland and from Aberdeenshire Council.
  5. Artemisia maritima (Sea Wormwood), on sea cliffs at Sands of Forvie NNR, confirming the continued existence of a colony last recorded in 1990 close to the species’ northern limit.
  6. Anagallis tenella (Bog Pimpernel), in coastal flushes at Rosehearty, substantially expanding the known population at its only 2000+ site.

Alopecurus aequalis (Orange Foxtail)

Alopecurus aequalis (Orange Foxtail), in seasonal pool at Sands of Forvie NNR. Click to enlarge thumbnail image.