2020 County Report for Denbighshire

Delyth Williams

Annual Report 2020 VC50

There was no meetings programme and no group meetings, although regular email communication. Recording was limited, mostly solo or with up to 4 well-spaced companions.

4,700 records were taken, including new records for about 40 of the VC’s scarce taxa, new or confirmed records for VC rarities Andromeda polifolia  (Bog-rosemary), Berberis vulgaris (Barberry), Lactuca virosa (Great Lettuce), Lepidium ruderale (Narrow-leaved Pepperwort) and Potamogeton trichoides (Hairlike Pondweed. New to the VC are Amsinckia micrantha (Common Fiddleneck), Angelica archangelica (Garden Angelica) and Elatine hydropiper (Eight-stamened Waterwort).

The Rare Plant Register has been updated and is ready for putting on the website. The modest herbarium has at last been labelled properly.