2022 County Report for Denbighshire

Delyth Williams

Our NYPH on 02/01/2022 on the banks of the Dee around Holt (SJ4054) yielded a very respectable 55 taxa in flower, especially the less common arables Viola arvensis (Field Pansy) Veronica agrestis (Green Field-speedwell), Urtica urens (Small Nettle) and Lamium amplexicaule (Henbit Dead-nettle)

Thereafter the Denbs Recording Group continued on 23/01/2022 in Henllan (SJ0268) with 130 taxa until 13/11/2022 at Redwither (SJ3649) with160 taxa. The Group, either in part or whole, recorded intermittently between those dates on 21 occasions, yielding 775 different taxa over the season. The focus was checking out rarities and recording in previously un-recorded monads.

There are no notable county first records, 117 new hectad firsts and the highlight was two more sites for Wahlenbergia hederacea (Ivy-leaved Bellflower)

The VC Recorder, along with others, has contributed to recording for the local County Council Wildflower Verges Project, at the RSPB Reserve in Conwy SH7977 as part of a project promoting well-being, to S4C (Welsh Radio) about Stachys alpina (Alpine Woundwort), and several other surveys on behalf of local associations and interested land owners. She also contributed to Cofnod, the local LRC (Local Records Centre) with a short talk on ‘How to Record Plants’ – the do’s and the don’ts! Hard copies of the recently released Rare Plant Register 2021 VC50 were distributed liberally.