2020 County Report for Midlothian

Barbara Sumner

4815 records were entered into MapMate and more 2020 records are expected. Thanks to all recorders and determiners. Lockdown for COVID-19 restricted recorders to their home patches, thereby giving opportunities for local projects. Street weeds flourished and were recorded in detail, e. g. in Melville Street and streets in south Edinburgh and Penicuik.

The Rare Plant Register for Midlothian was updated in 2020 and a second edition produced.  To view the new RPR follow the link from the Midlothian webpage of the BSBI website (https://bsbi.org/midlothian).

The VC recorder represented the BSBI on steering groups for Local Biodiversity Sites, and for the Edinburgh LBAP.

Nemesia floribunda

New wild occurrence for UK: Nemesia floribunda, reported in 2020, recorded on 25/09/2019 by Richard Milne. Determined by Douglas McKean. Weed at edge of car park for glass-house staff at RBGE (NT253758). May have been there about 6 years. Origin unknown.

Parietaria officinalis (Eastern Pellitory-of-the-wall)

New VC record: Parietaria officinalis (Eastern Pellitory-of-the-wall). Recorded on 28/06/2020 by Maria and David Chamberlain in Sundial Garden, Inverleith Park (NT241750). ID confirmed by Martin Godfrey. Colony growing with nettles by hedge. Same species also recorded behind plant houses at RBGE in 2020.

Limonium vulgare (Common Sea-lavender)

New VC record: Limonium vulgare (Common Sea-lavender). Recorded on 28/08/2020 by Stuart Maxwell at Joppa, east of Rockville Hotel (NT323733). Confirmed by Douglas McKean. Four plants flowering at base of sea wall on pavement side.

Nicandra physalodes (Apple-of-Peru)

New VC record: Nicandra physalodes (Apple-of-Peru). Recorded on 07/11/2020 by Henry Noltie. One plant flowering by path up to summit of Calton Hill (NT2612574114).